Kinfos is a young and ambitious organization, which begin its early operations in 2008. Although, a young company but it has carved out it’s own niche in the market within this short span of time by producing ace quality business events on most topical subjects. Kinfos has worked with some of the most prestigious and long standing brands in the world.

We organise business events in various formats such as Exclusive Meetings, Business Conferences, Summits, Executive Trainings Workshops.

Our aim is to host only the very best and most relevant business events, which will help our clients in making right strategic decisions, ultimately affecting their bottom lines.

What does the word “Kinfos” means ?

The word ‘Kinfos’ is simply an abbreviation for – Key Information Services.

What is Key Information?

We believes that in every business there is a need for valuable and key information, which drives it to move forward, stay ahead in the game and therefore our key goal is to identify and source this key information for our clients which can provide them a competitive edge.

World is flooded with information all around us, with just a click of button any one can get access to get hundreds of articles, news, audio/visuals. The question arises, how credible is this information available on the net and secondly, do you get the answers to our most pressing questions or is it only a generic Industry overview.

Information travels across from one source to another and the relevant information gets lost somewhere like the ‘Chinese whisper’. Therefore the source of the information is extremely vital in making your key decisions that will decide the very fate of businesses future.

“Key information means valuable intelligence which is gained through experts, which is not only relevant and credible but also timely and unadulterated. It can be used effectively to base your future strategic decisions”

  • Kinfos Events can help you sustain your Competitive advantage by keeping you updated with latest Industry trends, newer opportunities and Innovations. We provide reliable source of Information that you can use to base your strategic decisions.
  • Our conferences gives an opportunity to discuss your key challenges with some of most illuminated people from the industry that have gone through the same path and were successful.
  • Here, you will receive business insights and practical advise that will enable you in make the right strategic decisions.
  • Kinfos gives you Quality Networking experience and meet the ultimate decision makers from the Industry which will help you achieve your bottom-lines.
  • Kinfos give our Sponsors and Exhibitors unparalleled Branding Exposure that will position their name and brand very strongly in front of thousands of target audiences Internationally.

Mission Statement

“Make our clients more profitable and help them mitigate their risks by providing them valuable insights through our premier quality business events”

Our Vision

“To become a recognized & strong Industry leader and an first choice of our clients by producing ace quality exclusive meetings and events”

Our Motto

“Spreading knowledge through interaction”

values Kinfos is lead by its four core values, which are the DNA of our business; they help us to deliver our vision and guide us to conduct our business practices.

  • Dedicated – We are 100% committed to add value to our clients and receptive to their need for appropriate information and valuable business networking. Our events enable our clients to tap into leading edge concepts, networks and tools to make their businesses more successful.
  • Excellence at work – We are committed towards continuous improvement and excellence at work. We are self-critical and believe in self-improvement to reach the pinnacle of quality of our services.
  • Integrity – We value the trust and confidence of our clients and will deliver what we promise. We will remain open, transparent and respectful to our clients and sensitive to their needs, we will always practice utmost fairness in dealing with them.
  • Innovation – We value innovative concepts, and thus we aim towards producing unique events that will bring fresh insights on latest technologies, which can potentially change the world.